Bourguignon (275g)



Try our brand new and delicious Bourguignon. Eating healthy has never tasted so damn good! This easy vegan meal is full of veggies, delicious rescued oyster mushrooms and lots of tasty herbs & spices. Preparing it is effortless, just add a glass of red wine, heat it for two minutes and serve with our potato puree, potatoes or bread.  Bonus: The remaining wine you can drink yourself 😉 A perfect meal for busy days or unexpected or special guests!


  • Heat up some oil, add the Bourguignon and stir.
  • Add a glass of red wine and cook for two minutes.
  • Serve with puree, potatoes or bread

Recipe inspiration: Make a festive Wellington!

This product needs to be stored in the fridge (max. 7 ° C) or can be frozen for up to one year.

Allergens: suitable for vegans, contains SOY-sauce


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