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GOOD KRAMA designs versatile and trans-seasonal garments for women and men by blending traditional weaving techniques with modern design. We believe in transparent communication, circular supply chains and fair trade production. We celebrate the craftsmanship and makers that contribute to our universe as we aim to show that ethics and aesthetics are not mutually exclusive.

What is a krama?
The krama is a traditional silk or cotton scarf with a checkered pattern that is emblematic of Cambodia and the region. Used in hundreds of different ways by people of all socio-economic backgrounds, the krama materializes the balance between function and aesthetics.


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Core Values


Reducing textile waste:

The vast majority of discarded textiles, offcuts and deadstock are perfectly usable, and certainly look better out of landfills. We upcycle textile waste from local factories and use them to create our garments. By using existing fabrics, we are eliminating the resources (water, energy, carbon) it takes to produce new fabrics as well as the emissions to transport them to our ateliers.

Supporting a living wage:

Cambodian factories are primarily foreign owned and take advantage of the large pool of low-cost and low-skilled workers available. We believe in supporting living wages and steering clear of what we consider to be modern day slavery. Our production partners receive above a living wagehealth benefits and best of all, training and opportunity for skill growth and development. We support NGOs who provide at-risk communities with vocational sewing training by teaching them how to make an entire garment, not just work the assembly line.

Appreciating local craftsmanship:

What we don’t upcycle, we hand weave. As seen with the krama, Cambodia has a strong heritage in textile weaving that goes back thousands of years. We work to amplify this craftsmanship by collaborating with rural weaving communities through home based employment and fair trade practices.

Sharing our Impact:

We don’t just claim to be sustainable, we have the data to prove it! We closely track each step of our supply chain and the water, energy and waste we consume. We have this data verified by an independent third party that compares our numbers to current industry standards. We then transform this sexy math into relatable info-graphics on each product page so you know exactly how much you are saving in these resources, every time you choose us.

Striving for Circularity:

From our product design to our packaging, we avoid waste and favor everything reusable and recyclable. We even keep all of our own fabric scraps to find creative ways to re-purpose them. We believe that circularity is the only way forward and continuously explore new ways to close the loop.


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