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Iron Roots© was founded in 2017, by Ashkan, Stefan & Erik, three friends that were fed up with the fact that more than 90% of all sportswear was made from plastics. When we couldn’t find a good alternative, we decided to take matters in our own hands. By combining design, functionality and sustainability, we aim to create the best sportswear in the world.


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Microplastic Free

More than 90% of all sportswear contains polyester or another form of plastic.

We make activewear that doesn’t release microplastics. This means that it doesn’t release tiny pieces of polluting plastic every time it is washed. We also save CO2 emissions. Some of our sportswear saves even more than 60% CO2 during production compared to polyester clothing. To find out more about this, click down here.

Fair Production

People who actually make clothing tend to be exploited for their work.

By working with factories who are dedicated to fair production standards, we can make sure that the people who work there are treated well. You can read more about our production by clicking down here.

High Performance

Natural fabrics made to enhance your training.

When you are training, you want your athletic apparel to perform. Our natural fabrics each have unique properties such as being antibacterial and antistatic, which makes them great for different workouts. To find out more about our different fabrics and their properties, click down here.


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