Studio Miyagi was founded by two friends in Vienna to fight against pinching bras and to create a feeling of comfort that accompanies you throughout the day.

In our studio in Vienna, we develop sustainable bodywear that meets the modern demands of urban citizens.

Doing Yoga in the park, being an eager beaver in the office or dancing in the club, the fusion of lingerie and active wear makes the MIYAGI’s wearable all day long.

Due to our love towards planet earth, we feel a strong responsibility as a young label to put a strong emphasis on sustainability.


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Sustainability @ MIYAGI

As a young fashion business, we take our responsibility for Planet Eart very seriously. The entire production process ensures fair working conditions and environmental compatibility.


Like a second skin, underwear touches you intimately. That’s why it is particularly important to us to use high quality, breathable and skin-friendly materials. The raw material of the fabric is cellulose which is derived from sustainably managed Eucalyptus or Beech forestry. Due to its fast growth, Eucalyptus does not need artificial irrigation or pesticides. The produced cellulose is spun into fiber in an innovative manufacturing process by the Austrian company Lenzing AG.


We follow an up-cycling approach by using mainly materials from dead stock. Dead stock materials are fallow fabrics, a result of overproduction. We bring these fabrics back to life. Entirely in line with the concept of slow fashion, this self-imposed limitation leads to unique limited collections. To honor the name of our label MIYAGI we also breathe new life into old Japanese newspapers. We use them as packaging for shipping,


Throughout the whole design process, we place great emphasis on your comfort. MIYAGI says goodbye to disturbing and itching bra components like pads and metal because you are the most beautiful when you feel good and confident in your second skin. The sustainable materials that we use are more breathable than cotton, allergy-friendly and cooling the body when it’s hot outside and keeping it warm during cold times.

All Year Long

With high-quality design standards and exceptional thinking, MIYAGI opposes the short-lived nature of the textile industry and pursues a long-seasons concept. With seasonless designs and high-quality finishing, our pieces are made to last and can be worn all year round. That’s why we do not have sales. The value of our high-quality design pieces should not be diminished by putting them on sale.

Green Future

We are devoted to integrating sustainability in all areas of our company. With priorities set high, there are still areas that do not yet meet our high ecological standards. That’s why we are constantly looking for sustainable materials and new ways of production. In the City our products are designed and developed in a studio in Vienna. So, we can react quickly to customer requests such as alterations, philosophical discussions about the meaning of life or just some hot tea. Our bodywear is produced in Austria but also in our neighboring countries Slovakia and Croatia to keep transport to a minimum. All products are silk-screen printed in our studio in Vienna.


For all of you who skipped your Japanese courses in high-school, the Japanese print on the bodysuit means “Austria” .


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