Shades Tours: Refuge and Integration


A walking tour about refuge and integration – guided in english
Take the time to listen and dive into an unknown world.. Your guide is a refugee himself and therefore can give you personal insights.

Was does it mean to flee from your home country? What are the reasons? What are the Austrian policies on asylum and integration?
How do you start a new life in a foreign country when you had to give up your previous one?

The guides talk about their experiences while fleeing from their home country and explain the Austrian asylum procedure and the integration of refugees at the different stations. Through social-political content and emotional components, the tours shed light on a world that we often only know from media reports. At the same time, you contribute to the integration of the guide.

SHADES TOURS is looking forward to seeing you!

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We recommend the tour from 14 years onward.

Due to Covid-19 however, we have changed the tour. We will not use public transportation. The tour ends in proximity to the U1 station Keplerplatz.

Photos (c) Ines Futterknecht, Eugenie Berger


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