Silver Queen


Hey there lucky you!

INA is wearing our Extravaganza series of Masks. We want to spice up things so we bring glitter, glam, sparks, stars, vibes and shines, to lift you up daily. Because too much is never enough for you to shine baby!

Please read below our description regarding material,  special features, and the way you should love this mask.

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Mask Details

This Mask is hand made and it has 2 layers:
Front: silver sequin material / Back: 100% black cotton

The shape is very comfortable  and it covers well your nose and mouth while adding an elegant and sleek line to your face. You can choose your look, from mysterious, to sexy and charming, its up to you who you want to be today! Now go and spread that vibes like an awesome creature that you are!

Care instructions:

Hand wash, dry and wait. Slow down and be Zen! The world is not running away in front of you:) This Mask need you love so wash it by hand in warm water. You can also wash this mask in the washing machine but make sure you wash together with dark colors and not at high temperature. Reform the round shape while still wet and let it dry.


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