Verpacken mit Macken – Stamp


The “packaging with quirks” stamp puts an end to disposable shipping packaging. Regardless of whether it is a mailing bag, envelope or parcel – use it again and use the stamp to mark a more sustainable use of our resources.

The stamp is available in two sizes: 3 × 3 cm (perfect for envelopes) and 5 × 5 cm (perfect for parcels).

Manufacturing and materials

The unpainted stamp woods are made of beech and come from Germany. The laser rubber comes from Hungary and is assembled by hand with rubber on the wooden blocks in Berlin so that the stamp has the correct suspension. The stamps can therefore be used many times over a long period of time.

Design and artist

We created the stamp design for “Packaging with quirks” in collaboration with Franziska Rehage and Wilka Koch. Our stamps are made by the Berlin artist Luca Szalay. You can find more stamps at


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Why Blauer Leben?

Blauer Leben is not only our name, but also our motto. Inspired by our proximity to the sea, we want to take water as an example for positive development. Sometimes calm and relaxed like Matthias, sometimes powerful and unpredictable like Elisa. Always positive. And just blue.

It is important to us to make a contribution to a healthier use of resources. Not everyone has to change their entire lifestyle overnight. Because often this is exactly what has a demotivating and intimidating effect on people. We start by putting one foot in front of the other and moving forward together.


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