Zzinga Honey Cider (6-Pack)


Zzinga Honey Cider is a delicious honey cider with 4% alcohol. With every bottle you bring an exciting taste to the people you love, and help bees and nature thrive.

For the perfect winter serve, enjoy Zzinga cold, in a glass adding a slice of orange and cinnamon.

Zzinga currently only ships in the Netherlands!

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Impact @ Zzinga

We want to offer people a conscious drink choice by engaging them in the support of bees and biodiversity.

  1. Ingredients: We strive towards using only responsibly sourced ingredients. The key ingredients for our honey cider are apple and honey. Our honey is organic, this makes sure that bees are well kept and not exposed to pesticides. Similarly, we are working towards using only sustainably grown apples, which we will have achieved for our next production early next year.
  2. We support local biodiversity projects. Currently, we work therefore with Zonnenblomlint (https://zonnebloemlint.nl/). Supporting this project we help farmers grow sunflowers around farmland. This boost the local biodiversity by making sure that bees, pollinators and other insect have enough food and shelter to thrive.
  3. Build a community & engage:  We work towards becoming a thought leader on bees and biodiversity, offering people the tools and knowledge to help. We do that by sharing insights on bees and biodiversity via social media and blogs and by offering people tools as bee-friendly flower seeds and bee products as our “Bee Conscious Box” (https://zzingabee.com/products/zzinga-bee-friendly-herb-pot-delivery-mid-june?variant=33994777362568).


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