New Harbour!
We are proud to open a new chapter of WEBEEM
and present you to Impact Pioneers from Hamburg.



We source our plastic from beaches, landfills, illegal dumpsites and prevent more plastics from ending up there, polluting our planet. We work with communities of collectors around the world to bring these materials back into the production cycle. Empowering people while driving social and environmental change.



runamics develops truly eco-friendly alternatives to conventional sportswear. runamics is making eco-friendly running and sports gear with innovative materials other than conventional plastics. To proof this their mission is to become the first Cradle to Cradle certified sports brand in the world. The most thought through eco-certification for products and materials in the world.

WEBEEM is a digital catalogue of 25+ impact driven innovators and their products.
We are engaging to launch the next level of impact commerce in early summer.

Products by local & impact driven entrepreneurs

Stories from Impact Hub Amsterdam, Hamburg and Vienna

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