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We embark on a journey towards an economy that makes sense for all.
We connect local entrepreneurs, support sustainable economies and inspire new initiatives.
Our mission is to give everyone access to the products, services and knowledge needed for the change we long for.



At Impact Hub we have been building communities for Impact, well over a decade, from Seed to Growth. We are witness to a global movement of people taking action for a world that works for all. Yet, many initiatives, businesses and movements stay in their niche and don’t make the cut into the mainstream. At Impact Hub Amsterdam and Vienna, we have decided to co-initiate WEBEEM to strengthen local economies, give visibility to those who dare to innovate substantial alternatives, and inspire everyone to take action and contribute to an inclusive and regenerative economy, building our world that works for all.

How do we approach this?

We start by launching this prototype of an online Marketplace as a product portfolio. Until Christmas we don’t sell anything; instead, we feature marvellous stories and products. We engage in dialogue with entrepreneurs, the ecosystem and customers.

What do we do now?

We aim to understand how we can deepen our support for Impact Entrepreneurs to leverage their visibility and sales. At the same time, we explore how we can build a business model for our mission, that will benefit Innovators, Impact Hubs, partners and everyone else involved alike. We don’t have the answers, we will make mistakes and learn. We take action and are committed to our mission of giving everyone access to the products, services and knowledge needed for the change we long for.

Who is working on this?

WEBEEM is co-initiated by Impact Hubs in Amsterdam and Vienna and co-led by Joscha Lautner (co-founder and former managing director of Impact Hub Munich) and Jessica Fitoussi (Visionary, artist and sound yoga teacher).

And you?

Are you in love with our initiative and would like to follow or contribute? Are you an entrepreneur and would like to be curated on WEBEEM? Do you know a team, a small company that should be featured here? You can contact us at

Credits and waves of gratitude go to…

… our teams of Impact Hubs in Amsterdam and Vienna for lifting this Prorotype off the ground. We thank our branding expert Itai Boublil for his eagle-sharp consulting (besides WEBEEM Itai is CMO, Mentor for Startups, passionate about social Impact), our Tech elder Joachim Tecklemburg for adding the essential IT-Hacks (besides WEBEEM, Joachim offers Consulting Online Marketing, SEO, Websites, Google Ads). And last thank you goes to Impact Hubs in Madrid and Munich for supporting the development of the idea and to the global network of Impact Hub for being an amazing breeding ground for this initiative.

More About Impact Hub

Impact Hub is one of the world’s largest networks focused on building entrepreneurial communities for impact at scale — home to the innovators, the dreamers and the entrepreneurs who are creating tangible solutions to the world’s most pressing issues.

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