2nd chance cereal – Granola from unsold bread

“It’s cerealsly bread!”

We, Michael and Sarah, help together with every single one of you to reduce food waste. Our vision is to create consciousness about the use of resources and food and the problem of food waste


You can find us online at beeanco.comand on gurkerl.at​. We are also available in selected shops in Vienna, Klagenfurt, Villach and Linz, and soon in your close health food store and local bakery store nearby. On Instagram we keep you updated where you can find us.

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“Granola from unsold Bread”

Food waste is one of the biggest problems facing mankind today. This has a huge impact on CO2
emissions, water availability, land use and food supply. By changing our habits of consuming food we
can have a positive impact. Because cereals are a major driver for it and account for a large part of
those negative consequences, we focus on that area. 2ndcc cereal addresses this problem and
provides an attractive solution to give bread a second life. By transforming unsold bread into
delicious granola, we bring it directly back on the food market. This secures it’s value, supports
bakeries and supermarkets and gives everybody the opportunity to have a positive impact without
downsides. The easy scalable production process and the transferability to other markets allows us
to tackle the issue world wide. Having a huge impact while bringing benefits to bakeries and
supermarkets is our goal.


One afternoon around Christmas in 2019 we were sitting together, chatting with our older son at the
age of 5. While playing a simple game, clockwise naming processed food made out of cereals, Luca got
obviously confused and stated that Müsli is made from bread. Obviously not true, half jokingly, we
corrected him and we kept on playing. Later that day and after bringing the kids to bed, we were
sitting together, reflecting on today’s happenings which was when we came to realize the enormous
potential of his accidental idea. Remembering the quote which said “Vienna disposes as much bread

as is needed in the second biggest city in Austria, Graz” we simply asked ourselves why cereal could
not be made from bread. A couple of minutes later we were standing in the kitchen, equipped with a
blender, a pan and plenty of supplies roasting crushed bread on the stove. After crunching the
numbers for the next couple of days we realized that those were promising. Few months of product
and business development, plenty of iterations, collection of feedback and a tremendous amount of
research and meetings with experts later, we launched 2ndcc cereal in June 2020 with the goal of
moving closer to our vision.


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