BUMI Pulled Saitan Natural

The natural seitan is mild in taste and therefore perfect for every home cook who wants to give it a culinary twist. You can first marinate the seitan or cook it with your dish.

\/100% plant-based (vegan certified)
\/Organic certified
\/High in protein and high in fiber
\/Soy free

Seitan: a well-kept secret
Seitan is a nutritious delicacy based on wheat and packed with protein. It lends itself to a wide range of dishes because of its tender ‘meaty’ structure. Chinese Buddhists already ate it 1000 years ago, but in Europe it has remained relatively unknown… We are going to change that! We’ve boosted the traditional recipe, making it even tastier and wholesome.

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How do I cook with Saitan?

Our pulled seitan is marinated and ready to be added to your favourite meals. You could briefly fry it in a pan, add it to a curry or use it fresh in a wrap or salad. Enjoy!


Unfortunately, this is necessary in order to package seitan food safely. As soon as there is an alternative we will switch over. We are happy with the sleeve. It is made from agricultural waste streams. 100% tree-free 🙂


seitan* 83% (water, wheat gluten*, sunflower protein*), parsnip*, sunflower oil*, tomato puree*, food yeast*, apple vinegar*, vegetable broth*(SELDERY*) , sea salt, onion*.
* of organic cultivation.
May contain traces of nuts, egg, sesame, mustard, soy, lupine and milk.
Nutritional value per 100gEnergy
: 180 Kcal (754kJ) | Fats: 6g | Of which saturated: 0.7g | Carbohydrates: 4.5g | Of which sugars: 1.8g | Protein: 20g | Salt: 0.9g | Fibers: 2.8g


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