Festive Dinner Box 4p


Feast without the Beast – Festive Dinner Box

This year we’ve put together a 4 course christmas box, that with some simple preparations turns into a delicious fancy dinner, without standing in the kitchen all day! Order before December 20th to receive the box in time before christmas.

You’ll also receive a step-by-step guide to put a fancy starter (scallops), a show-stopping main course (wellington) and a small cheese platter on the table –  and of course a special dessert is included too! Everything can be kept frozen until used or in the fridge for up to a week (except the cheese and cheesecake).

In the box you’ll find:

  • 2x 275g Botanic Bites EASY VEGAN bourguignon (to make a Wellington)
  • 1000g Botanic Bites Grilled king oyster mushrooms (to make scallops + Wellington filling)
  • 2x 180g Botanic Bites gravy (makes 600g)
  • 2x 120g Max & Bien vegan Hickory Smoked Cheese, a delicious plantbased cheese
  • 2x 180g Botanic Bites lentil pate
  • a large russian cheesecake for dessert


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Additional Information

What will you need to buy yourself?

  • puff pastry (for the Wellington)
  • (vegan) pesto (optional, for the Wellington)
  • spinach, garlic (for the Wellington)
  • brussel sprouts (a delicious side of roasted brussel sprouts)
  • some white wine and nori or kombu (optional, for the scallops)
  • some fig bread
  • From your pantry: olive oil, some plantbased butter & milk, lemon juice, baking paper



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