In 2016, Fitico Sportswear was started with a vision: to become the number one brand for sustainable sportswear. In all we do, we put people and the planet first. We are using fishing nets and other recycled materials for our sportswear. We are manufacturing under fair conditions in Portugal. By doing what we do, we show that a different way of doing business is possible!


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Active. Without Compromise.

Fitico Sportswear develops great-looking sportswear made from recycled fishing nets. Our tops, bras, pants, longsleeves, zipper jackets and headbands are a sustainable choice that come with superior functionality. The sports fabrics we use are antibacterial, breathable, quick-dry and odourless.
All our designs are designed in Austria and ethically made in Portugal.
Whether you do Yoga, lift weights, run or dance, we’ve got you covered. Our designs are thought through and well-shaped to help you to reach their sports goals. We make no compromise, whether it’s in the functionality or in design and certainly not when it comes to the environment.

Recycled materials instead of ghost nets.

40-60% of the total plastic waste in the oceans consist of old fishing gear. An essential element within are ghost nets – abandoned fishing nets which have been thrown in the ocean or got lost. Fitico uses these old fishing nets and upcycles them into beautiful and highly functional sportswear. The sccret behind is a nylon fibre called Econyl®.

Old fishing nets are collected, shredded and melted and regenerated into Econyl®, a 100% regenerated Nylon yarn, with the same purity and performance characteristics as virgin quality nylon which can be endlessly regenerated. Econyl® preserves non-renewable resources avoiding the extraction of crude oil for the production of the yarn. The production ECONYL® also reduces greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption.

The Team

Sophie Wirth is the founder, visionary and strategist behind Fitico Sportswear. She is a serial entrepreneur and a great organizational talent. She is responsible for sales, marketing, finance, procurement and public relations.

Michaela Pfisterer is Fitico’s responsible for fashion design, grading and pattern construction. She has a proven track record as a sports fashion designer and dress maker. She has been working for various othersportswear labels before she joined Fitico Sportswear. Her almost 20 years of experience in designing sportswear and in product and production management have given her an in-depth knowledge of the market, while she continually strives to learn about new materials and sports fashion trends.

Melanie Mandl is our marketing and sales expert. Her background as visual merchandiser and store manager in some of the largest fast fashion companies is a real asset to our company. She has an infallible instinct for fashion and trends. At Fitico, she manages social media, blogger and press relations and helps Sophie with sales and marketing. Together, we form a well-balanced team with complimentary skills, ready to rock the market for sustainable sportswear!

In all we do, we put people and the planet first.


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