Hi ID | MEINS is your access to digital tools to learn more about yourself and to develop a working system that suits you, so that you feel comfortable. The tools allow you to reflect on yourself and your situation in order to gain new insights. You have direct access to helpful methods that you can carry out independently.

What you get

  • Access to all Hi ID tools – unlimited & re-executable
  • Direct access to new tools
  • Save the summary of your findings to identify changes and chances
  • Team Support in using the tools
  • Insights on the individual tools [including method, intention]
  • Access can be canceled at any time

10€ – 15€ monthly

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Why Hi-ID

I asked myself why there is no easily accessible way to get to know myself more intensively and to adapt my working world accordingly. In my career, methods with a great effect have helped me to assess myself and find out how I would like to work professionally. I worked intensively on tools from psychology and from my professional context to “new work” and I would like to pass on what has helped. In particular, to give people earlier or even access to such tools. Because from my experience it is difficult to get access and either involves a lot of research, the right network or strong financial resources. Hi ID simplifies that. So everyone can get to know themselves more intensively at any time, any place and with simple resources. The knowledge about yourself is the basis for finding out how you want to work. That’s why I founded Hi ID.

What is Hi ID for?

Hi ID exists so that we can shape the future of work with more identity. Starting with everyone contributing their own identity to work in order to make the work system more human. That is why Hi ID supports individuals in designing their own working system according to their own identity, in order to have a good feeling at work over a long term.

Visionary perspective

A future in which people align the system of work according to their own needs and not according to profit. A future in which everyone is himself or herself at work and brings in his or her potential. A future in which everyone knows themselves more intensively and builds their own working world according to their own ideas.

Deep dive

It is important that we humans re-align the work system for ourselves so that it does not “overwhelm” us. Bringing out human skills in symbiosis with robotics and automation. Less performance society, more targeted use of competencies. Endure more doing nothing because I’m okay with myself. Know me and therefore consciously design my working system to suit me.

The approach

With Hi ID, I want to offer as many people as possible access to tools – to get to know yourself more intensively and to design a suitable and meaningful work – with low access barriers. Encourage more people to take their own working system into their own hands – not to be guided – and to consciously create the right working system.


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