KRUSH is crunchy muesli made with rescued ingredients!

Our mission is to rescue food from unnecessary food waste. With our products we want to offer a breakfast that is healthy, sustainable AND convenient.

Krush ticks all these boxes: With every 1kg of KRUSH we rescue the equivalent of 1kg fresh food. Breakfast cereals are a quick and easy breakfast option, however, it can be quite a challenge to find one that is low in sugar. KRUSH products are only sweetened with a little bit of fruit syrup (all flavours contain less than 10% of sugar). Good for you and good for the planet!

Let’s do something: With KRUSH we want to tackle the unnecessary problem of food waste: Overall, ⅓ of all food produced for human consumption is not being eaten. And it’s more than just wasting food, think of all the resources going into producing it.

Let’s rescue food together!


Connect with Krush

The Products

We currently have 4 different flavours:

  • Apple & Walnut
  • Peanutbutter & Banana
  • Orange & Cocoa
  • Beet Root & Ginger

* What we mean with ‘rescued ingredients’:

We work for example with broken nuts, seeds that are too small, crooked fruits and vegetables or also brewers grain, remaining after the production of beer as ingredients for KRUSH. These products are sorted out because of their imperfections, yet they are full of nutritions and taste; Making KRUSH nutritious and delicious.

The team behind KRUSH

Did you know that on a global scale 1/3 of our food is not eaten? That’s way too much! We wanted to do something about it but experienced it ourselves: it seems impossible to go to the supermarket and “get your hand onto something that’s from rescued sources”. Maybe you already implemented measures at home to prevent food waste, but what else to do?

​KRUSH-founder Heidi was working in the corporate world of the food industry for several years and saw tons and tons of perfectly edible food being wasted for reasons of wrong shapes, colours, crushed products, or sometimes just because selling it wouldn’t cover the costs of production. Realizing that so many of the most-wasted ingredients are actually ideal ingredients for breakfast cereals, Heidi (a huge breakfast fan) started granola experiments in her own kitchen.

These first trials were sold at local markets where our first customers approved the concept: rescued food rocks! Ever since the production has moved to a larger facility and the team has grown. Behind the brand KRUSH you’ll find Esther, Heidi, Aniek and Fiona thinking and working hard to fight against food waste. But: Only together with you we can make a real change: Let’s rescue food together – shall we?


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