Ökofuzzi – The environmental Quiz Englisch Version


This is the English „Print at Home“ version of Ökofuzzi for our international friends! It comes as a PDF that consists of 48 printable cards with a total of 96 questions. These cover different sustainability topics, such as resources, food, fashion, energy and mobility. After the purchase, you can download it and start playing immediately!


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How many years does it take for a child’s diaper to decompose in the sea? What percentage of the plastic waste in the ocean can be seen on the surface? How many kg of paper does each German use on average per year? Ökofuzzi is about answering questions like these. Whether to know, appreciate or advise. There is a risk of choking heavily when reading the answers. Because these facts are not only instructive, but also downright spectacular. Sometimes positive, sometimes less. Test it yourself. The questions come from different categories related to sustainability: food, mobility, clothing, energy and more. There’s something for everyone. Plus it’s super simple. We have 100 cards with questions on the front and answers on the back. Someone reads the question out and then it is discussed, appreciated and guessed. Whether in teams or everyone against everyone: Whoever knows the answer (or comes closest to it) gets the point. You can adapt the rest of the game rules as you need them. The imagination knows no limits.


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