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In a world where fashion is dumped into landfills after a few uses and the earth gets poisoned for profit, two agents have conspired against the global order of overconsumption.

With a raw fiction, they set out to flood the market with ethical fashion that looks way too badass to be thrown away and aim to dissolve these structures from within while tackling humanity’s problems in the process.

To complete their mission, they financially support different NGO’s with each collection and sale. There are still numerous projects to be funded until positive change can restore balance to the planet. While even today many are working against a better world, we have a lot of hope that together we can make a difference.


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Their Story

Clothes today are short-lived and often produced in a way that is damaging to the whole ecosystem while exploiting workers and animals. Historical context and our current global economic order have led to a situation, where “harmful” clothes are pushed on the market for overconsumption in extreme quantities at low prices with the sole aim to maximize profits. At the same time, there are numerous pressing issues across the globe, caused by other industry sectors, social realities and political decisions, that add fuel to a burning earth and lead to living beings suffering.  

To tackle this absolute mess of problems, we start with our own responsibilities. 

Every piece that we are going to sell, is carefully made with onehundredpercent biological and sustainable materials. We never ever use any kind of plastic or animal parts, so that every piece of clothing is in harmony with nature and ethical. We can proudly say that our clothes do not harm anyone. In this way, every piece that you are buying instead of some “harmful” clothes, is making a difference. In order to use our company as an inducer of social/political change, we are collecting donations for a different issue with each collection. 


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