Runamics Running Tee waisted


Lightweight, breathable running tee. Perfect for warmer temperatures from spring to summer or as base layer in colder days.

+ waisted: classic feminine fit

+ soft and light: our lightweight fabric feels super soft on your skin. It weighs only 110 g/sm and you can fold it very small, which makes it perfect for travelling.

+ anti odor: due to natural properties of merino the shirt does not need to be washed after every workout. We found 5 workouts go easy without washing. Put the shirt on a hanger after your workout and the air will do the rest.

+ clima regulation: the fabric offers a great moisture management. In comparison to plastic fibres the fabric can absorb your sweat away from your body. It keeps you warm when it´s cold and vice versa.

+ great look: combine it with your other gear or jump in our full runamics outfit to merge tops and bottoms into one perfect unit.

Ethically made in Portugal only with selected partners

Part of Repair or Care Programme (in case of any defect in its lifetime you can send in your garment and we will try to repair it for you – for free).

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  • 50% Tencel Lyocell (wood based cellulosic fibre from Lenzing Austria)
  • 50% finest merino wool (mulesing free)
  • Label: bio-degradable polyester
  • White tape elements: organic cotton


Machine wash cold. If you want to wash it at 30°, please order one size larger, as it will shrink with the first wash (see the image with size instructions)

The Story behind runamics

“I want to feel good when I run”
At the beginning of 2019, the founder Steffen Otten initially set himself the goal of offering athletes alternatives to running gear made of conventional plastic. The problem: Sportswear made of plastic sheds off microplastics when being washed, which makes its way into public waters and ultimately the sea. The nature-loving business economist is a runner himself and this problem, as well as the lack of alternatives in the market, were a thorn in his side. “I actually felt guilty when I jumped into my plastic sports dress,” said Otten. “This knowledge ran along with every kilometer. It’s a paradox, I enjoy my hobby in nature and at the same time I pollute it with the junk that I buy, wash and throw away. I want to feel good when I’m out there.”

It quickly became clear, however, that the problems caused by sportswear are much broader. Dangerous chemicals are processed in sportswear that you don’t really want to have around you, much less on your sweaty skin. In addition, the textiles are neither recyclable nor biodegradable after disposal. In other words, products that become unusable rubbish at the moment they are manufactured.

First Cradle to Cradle certified sports brand in the world

In the meantime, two other like-minded sports enthusiasts have joined runamics, the photographer Henning Heide and the fashion designer Lena Rix. In reply to the above mentioned problems the three committed to a broader vision: they want to become the first Cradle to Cradle certified sports brand in the world.

Behind Cradle to Cradle there is a circularity concept for materials and products and, at the same time, a comprehensive product certification. In a Cradle to Cradle world, there is no more waste. All materials are designed so that they can be recycled. Either biologically recyclable (compostable) or technically recyclable (the materials can be used to create new products of equal value). runamics is initially working on products for biological circulation. The certification examines 5 areas: chemical harmlessness of all processed raw materials for humans and nature, purity of the wastewater in production, the energy sources used for production, the recyclability of the products and the social standards in production. runamics works with different materials for their new developments. Innovative,
biodegradable synthetic fibers are used, as well as natural fibers (e.g. merino wool or organic cotton) and regenerated fibers (e.g. lyocell based on wood). The first Cradle to Cradle certified product is a tracksuit, which was presented in November 2020 as part of a crowdfunding campaign. Further certified products will follow in early 2021, such as running shorts and running shirts.
An Impact-Start-Up The long-term goal is not only to reach hobby athletes directly with the products, but also to reach the organizers of major running and other sports events. At marathon events millions of scrap products are pushed into the system every year, which in many cases are not even used before they end up in the bin again. A long and complex journey, but one with sense and purpose. runamics describes itself as an impact start-up. The company’s purpose is therefore not primarily committed to profit, but rather to averting an environmental problem through alternatives to the status quo.


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