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Our purpose is to create a bra revolution to make the planet smile. Our designs are made to look stunning, while preventing overconsumption. We realize this with socially responsible production, sustainability in the heart of our business and truly transparent communication to you. Read more about our practices below.


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The Story

told by Eva

“Two years ago, I just graduated from University and I tried hard to stay focused on my ‘perfect’ office job. However, I questioned myself every day if I was doing the right thing. I have the strong belief that it’s possible to create anything you want and I felt that lingerie struggles could (and should) be different. I daydreamed about starting a company with a positive impact on the world, in which I could create something beautiful. One night I drew some ideas and started sewing. I was blown away by the energy this gave me and that is where Savara intimates started. Following my intuition, having a clean conscience is vital for me. Fair wages, good working conditions and sustainable materials are minimal requirements. I strive to empower women and support their natural glow by creating sustainable lingerie.”


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