The Ketchup Project

In developing countries like Kenia an estimated 50% of all fruit and vegetable crops are lost to volatile markets and production. A total of billions of kilograms every year. A waste of delicious fruits! And moreover, the farmers have been suffering from unstable incomes for many years.

Together with Kenian farmers The Ketchup Project develops local ‘drying hubs’. There we dry a fixed amount of the tomato and mango harvest to extend the shelf life with 1,5 year. We buy the dried products for a fair price and bottle it into a delicious ketchup! In this way we fight food waste and help the farmers to have a steady and good income.

At this moment 104 farmers have joined the project and we are saving thousands of kilos of tomato and mango, producing many bottles of delicious ketchup. Everybody happy!

“We sell tomatoketchup, mangoketchup and smokey ketchup in 250ml bottles with the artisenal and unique taste of sunripened and dried tomatoes and mangoes, preventing waste and stimulating the local economy in Kenya.”



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