Wildbag 25L


Long-awaited and finally ready for pre-order – our 25L WILDBAG makes even little rubbish bins happy. The wild palm-prints remind you off the nature that this plastic might come from and which we want to save by recollecting it. Every roll of WILDBAGS is different, because wild plastic waste always looks different.

Price per Tray = 44,85 € (contains 15 rolls (single 15 bags)

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Our Story

We source our plastic from beaches, landfills, illegal dumpsites and prevent more plastics from ending up there, polluting our planet. We work with communities of collectors around the world to bring these materials back into the production cycle. Empowering people while driving social and environmental change.


We collect Wildplastic in countries where waste management and recycling is problematic or non-existing. We initiate & build & cooperate with NGOs and collectives to clean the environment, empower the marginalised, bring the digital age & transparency into the production and create innovative products where plastic meets its recyclable future. A material that actually cleans up the planet. Piece by piece. All products are made of Wildplastic and 100% recyclable.



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